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    • Random Photos - One tree but pulling from specific branches
      By Merv · Posted
      Hi Alan, Thanks for your help Merv  
    • Map with Township defined
      By Merv · Posted
      As far as I know, there is no setting as such however the pins are color coded to indicate that the location is a town/city. These are set in the place editing module. A work around would be to provide a link to google maps where the town IS outlined.
    • Having the "Add New" window open full
      By wkenddad · Posted
      Or if anyone knows which module creates this dialog box 
      If I knew the module I could probably edit to my needs
    • Mouse over addition help
      By wkenddad · Posted
      Perfect --- Thanks

    • Roger's File for Today's Birthdays
      By Merv · Posted
      I have managed to modify the Births, Anniversaries and Deaths files to pull names from specific branches thanks to some coding that was sent to me. I would prefer to run the modifications past the file developers as there maybe a tidier solution to post to the general TNG community. http://www.whakapapaonline.com/priestleyhome.php