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    • Marker/pin in Google event maps
      By Kare · Posted
      All places are geocoded and the pin is missing for all maps/places for all persons...
    • Marker/pin in Google event maps
      By theKiwi · Posted
      ​Can you provide a link to a page that shows this problem - then someone will likely be able to figure out what is wrong. Roger
    • Marker/pin in Google event maps
      By manofmull · Posted
      Go to Admin/Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >>Miscellaneous Geocode all new places: set to "yes". While in Admin, go to Places and search for the place that has no pin, to see if it is geocoded. I'm guessing it won't be if the pin is missing. You may also want to consider using this mod : Event Map add children mod http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Event_Map_add_children_mod
    • Marker/pin in Google event maps
      By Kare · Posted
      The pin/marker in my Google event maps is no longer shown. When I started using the maps they worked ok. Clicking on the square empty box to the left of a person's "born/married/died" info still take me to the Google map (but the place marker/pin is missing). Any ideas?
    • Template 14 - Can I add an additional column
      By marcirish · Posted
      Thanks so much for your suggestion.  As you can see from the attached screen capture I managed to add an additional column to the home page. Again Thanks!   Marc