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    • How to standardize locations ?
      By Manu-PB · Posted
      Hi, I have an old install of TNG,  with new input since the orgiginal import from TNG. Unfortunately, the location structure has not been continued, and I have now various things like : Lyon,69002,Rhône,Rhône-Alpes,FRANCE,LyonDo you know a tool that could be used to standardize the location ? Thanks for help  
    • How to sort family photos
      By MargaretGrogan · Posted
      Jay, I thought the order of the photos was in the order you attached them in Legacy for that individual/family? Margaret
    • Adding Residence events for Families from Census Data
      By Cailean · Posted
      I would like to be able to do this both for Residence and census events, in addition to the images I've been uploading and linking to individuals.  I just can't bring myself to manually the same information for each member of a family of 10 for 3 censuses ...    Any updates on this issue?
    • Ubuntu 14.04 Installation from Scratch
      By robert augustus · Posted
      Scott can you give us an update on your above post. I am a new convert to Linux and not quite ready to attempt what you posted although it looks straightforward enough  
    • can I install and configure tng on a linux computer
      By robert augustus · Posted
      After I asked that I found this post (it didnt turn up in a linux keyword search in this forum but another post pointing to it did.)

      I think I will try it on my windows laptop and then on my linux. Ive enjoyed linux and havnet had any problems with it yet just dont feel confident enough to make it my main software computer