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    • Fan Chart Mod
      By Darryl Brady · Posted
      Checking back on this Mod and so sorry to see Ben’s reply.  
        Did anyone co-author this with Ben as I would be interested in any updates that fix the Living Person issues and also see if the above 5 generations issue has been fixed?
      I have tried to fix it myself but don't have the skills to solve it.
    • Show Link to Profile on Home Page
      By jayat1familytree · Posted
      All the more reason there needs to be a better "User Profile" which is on my list of New Ideas and Suggestions".  And the fact that you can change All the key fields (user name, password and email) is kinda scary, something needs to be static and unique.  I like being able to see permissions too as well as assigned branch Person ID etc. something like  image shown here \  
    • Reports Search improvement
      By jayat1familytree · Posted
      Robin,  This is for the Public side reports .php    http://www.robinr.org/family/reports.php  or on my site  http://www.1familytree.com/genealogy/reports.php  on my site search for military... the 'results' have no info about What the search was..... and no clear or reset , just something you forced to do manually.     
    • How to Manage Branches
      By jayat1familytree · Posted
      ROBIN,  As you stated in th emiddle..   Branches dont use the rules to recalcultae they just re apply the old labels..  THats the real problem.    Two.... A user can only have one branch. (tho there could be branches that fir within the users branch (ie using the branch of Smith1  as the branch assigned to the user , but if there are branch names called Smith12 or Smith123  that user get to see those branches too!! ) so you dont have problems with living vs private etc... regardless, the branch process only creates the sets of persons or family that are part of that branch. Any other rights whether living, dead, etc, are not changed.   And we can discuss further
    • Newbie - Need FTP help or tutorial
      By suefitz · Posted
      I see some of the mods that can be added and am a newbie to FTP - is there a way to find help or a tutorial to help me figure out how to do?   Thanks