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    • Features links show in new browser window
      By JuliaW · Posted
      Resolved "kind of". Found http://tng.community/index.php?/forums/topic/9511-template-9-feature-opens-link-in-new-browser-tab/#comment-43536 which gave me some advice.
    • Nav bar at top of Template 13 covers title when viewed on mobile
      By tgthomp · Posted
      Hi I am trying to figure out how to prevent the nav bar at the top of template 13 from covering the title (art-sheet) when the browser width is reduced or when the site is viewed on a smart phone. See my site http://gilesnjo.com/genealogy and reduce the width of the browser window until the nav bar correctly collapses to show stacked bars/links. The issue is that the stacked bars encroach over the title of the site. If anyone has any idea how/if this can be corrected I would be very grateful. Many thanks in advance Giles
    • Problem uploading photographs
      By theKiwi · Posted
      use an FTP software to upload the photos to the folders on your site - so photos in the photos folder, documents in the documents folder, etc and then TNG should be able to find them. See this page on the TNG Wiki for some notes about paths etc so that the files will be where TNG expects to find them http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php?title=Media_-_Import Roger
    • Problem uploading photographs
      By Patrick Patterson · Posted
      I am new to the TNG community.  I uploaded my GEDCOM to the webpage, the photographs were listed with their file names, but the photographs apparenlty were not uploaded.  I would rather not go back an import each photograph individually.  Is there a way I can upload the media file that will link to the individual photograph names?  Any help would be appreciated.   Patrick Patterson
    • Tuning for Mobile Display
      By Ken Roy · Posted
      Thanks to code provided by Darrin, I have posted a new mod that fixes the input form on the Dates and Anniversaries page so that it collapses correctly on smart phones and tablets Mobile Site Fix Anniversaries when used in conjunction with the Responsive Tables mod, the page now displays correctly on smaller devices. Thank you Darrin for providing the code that will be in a future TNG upgrade