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    • aussiesal
      Installation help
      Hi I am also new and couldn't get past the installation like yourself. 3 days later I realized that from the TNG installation notes you need a PHP of 5.2.3 or higher. My original webhost only supported a PHP of 5.2. Once I upgraded to one supporting a higher PHP I was able to install. Good luck  
    • aussiesal
      Public Home page same as Admin Home page?
      Hi I am only establishing my TNG page and when I finished all my set up and opened my website the Public Home page is the same as Admin Home page. Looking for help to amend this? Thank you    
    • markmason7
      gedcom and browse media.php
      I managed to sort out one problem with the browse media php problem - I ran the upgrade 9 to 10 php file and it fixed the problems. However, I'm still having problems with my gedcom file. When I upload a gedcom file which I know works fine on my desktop software, I get no individuals, families or in fact anything when I view it in TNG. I tried creating  new tree and the tree is empty. Has anyone else had this issue please? Also, any suggestions as to how to resolve it please? Thanks Mark
    • MadRanger
      Google Webmaster URL Errors
      All, After updating my robot.txt file last Tuesday, I let the site run for a few days. As of this morning, the Google 404 problem noted above persists. I posit  that the missing "getperson.php" is related to the Census Plus MOD matrix for a given record. So personID I8006 noted above is "Linked from", yet unreachable by Google from the corresponding Census Plus summary on a relative's pages . Ken, Janice and Jeff (the MOD authors) can you offer insight/comment? Regis
    • MadRanger
      Reporting Burial Data & Media - Death Cert
      Good morning, Can anyone offer a report to collect personID, name, known burial place (Cemetery & State) with a linked media type "death certificate"? I would like to determine how many TX, PA,  VA, etc.  burials I have entered that do not have a linked death certificate. . Thank you very much, Regis www.CarrFamilyTree.com