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    • Page - Shivers Family Tree
      By jayat1familytree · Posted
      Not suggesting to forgo the header , just tighten up space by reducing the font size of the title - "Our Family History"  and reducing the height of the image. You might also reduce the padding to lessen the whitespace between things. Hope your WP integration works well.   Jay    
    • site appearance on ipad
      By marcirish · Posted
      I am having issues with my TNG site using mobile devices.  I can login to my site and select a person but after the person record comes up none of the links seem to work.  Not sure how to proceed so any suggestions would be most appreciated.   My site is http://marcirish.com/genealogy/ Thanks in advance.   Marc Irish
    • Archive websites?
      By bobbyfamilytree · Posted
      Perhaps you could pay up 10 years in advance, or whatever for your hosting/domain and at least that way it will still remain online for awhile with or without anyone managing it. Hopefully though in due time your cousin will grown into wanting to keep it going. Just a thought.
    • Page - Shivers Family Tree
      By BrainSmashR · Posted
      Agreed...but it looks so plain without a header.  I just need to come up with another idea
    • Archive websites?
      By 605sffx · Posted
      Thanks. I'll look into whether my local historical society would take it on in case my cousin doesn't. That helps!