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    • TNG Community Online!
      By Gustave in Community News 0
      Welcome to the new site!  
      We know this is going to be a big change for everybody.  There are many new features and a different layout.  It will take some time to get used to, but we are confident that this upgrade is needed to keep the community growing.  
      There are some known bugs in this software that need to be resolved and we are working on them. The search feature is one notable example.  We are aware of this and are working on finding a resolution. Bug Report 
      If you see something that does not work or you want to suggest adding a feature, please go to the feedback area and put it on the list.  If it is not there we are are not tracking it.
      We also opened a question and answer forum where you can ask questions about the new features on this site.  We are all going to learn together.  Questions and Answers
    • Tips for a Successful Upgrade
      By Darrin Lythgoe in TNG News 0
      With TNG 10 being released today (Feb. 12, 2014), I thought I’d take a minute to go over some of the things to watch out for while you’re upgrading your site. All of these apply no matter which version you’re … Continue reading →

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    • TNG10 Now Available to RootsTech Attendees
      By Darrin Lythgoe in TNG News 0
      RootsTech Attendees are now able to come and buy TNG from our booth in the exhibit hall! Come stop by and say hello!

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    • Establish database connection
      By jayat1familytree · Posted
      Sounds to me like you are not following the proper steps and jumping around.  I would create a new database. then start with readme.html thru a browser (yoursite.com/tngrootpath/readme.html )    and follow the steps in the readme... in order  
    • New Feature link
      By OttawaBullock · Posted
      Hi Robin, Thanks again for your detailed response. Your suggestion about using the feature1.php provided in TNG 10.1.2 worked. Another forum user gave me very valuable assistance including using a text editor. I used Textwrangler to type in the necessary information to succeed in establishing a link to feature 1. The result: I now must learn a little more about how to format a page, to add pictures, to make columns as well as how to create additional feature pages should I need more than the four provided. I'm not a programmer. Any suggestions as to where to go to learn a little more about formatting would be appreciated. Thanks to you and all the others who responded to my query. OttawaBullock
    • Best document format to use
      By Moorob76 · Posted
      Never mind. Figured it out.
    • Exporting GEDCOM
      By Hiraeth · Posted
      I tried that and the result was a text (.ged) file containing just the error message detailed earlier.
    • Change of MySQL database password
      By theKiwi · Posted
      Check the RootPath setting in your TNG Admin - go to the Setup ------> General Settings ------> Paths and Folders  and delete whatever is in the Root Path box. Save the changes Go back to the same screen and the correct footpath will get filled in Save the changes Now see if the display looks correct. Check your TNG folder too to make sure the img and css folders are present and their content is all present - it seems like you're missing a lot of needed files. Roger