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    • Importing a FTM Gedcom file
      By smh · Posted
      Thanks so much for the quick response.  Great site and awesome looking program.  I'll be back shortly to purchase!
    • Importing a FTM Gedcom file
      By WantItRight · Posted
      Actually, you can import a GEDCOM created by FTM 2014 directly into TNG now. I think there was originally a problem doing that. There is another post on these boards that shows the difference between the GEDCOM generated by FTM 2012 and FTM 2014, and it shows that FTM 2014 no longer exports (to a GEDCOM - not necessarily to a file exported for another version of FTM) the descriptive text that you may have added to an image in FTM (or in Ancestry if that is where your FTM file originated). If you are willing to live with a TNG version that has the image captions (use the GC_TNG converter utility which you can Google ... it is on the connergenealogy web site ... or else you will not see the captions in TNG) but not the descriptive text, then FTM 2014 is okay to use. If you want your TNG version to have the descriptive text that you added to an image, then perhaps your proposed FTM 2014 export to FTM 2012 (if you can still find a copy of this) to TNG may work.
    • Importing a FTM Gedcom file
      By smh · Posted
      I see where there have been problems importing Gedcom files created in Ancestry's Family Tree Maker into the TNG program.  I would like to make sure there is a work around to the current problem with FTM 2014 files before making a TNG purchase.  If I understand correctly, I would create a Gedcom file in the 2014 version of FTM, import that file into a 2012 version of FTM and export a new Gedcom to be used by TNG.  Can that file then be imported directly into the TNG software or is there another step involved?  Thanks, SmH
    • pages for individuals are truncated
      By theKiwi · Posted
      Remove all the Mods from your site - particularly any that mention they're about relationship. Roger
    • Editing dates - format problem
      By theKiwi · Posted
      So it seems like it's not getting parsed correctly as the date is processed to be put in the tng_events. I don't know how that whole process goes - I think your best bet would be to write to the tng-users2 list, or to Darrin directly and ask him what to check to overcome the problem. Roger