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    • bwalton
      PDF Files
      It was TNG creating or trying to create a thumbnail that was causing the problem, thank you works fine now. All the Best Bill  
    • mkeeble
      Report using Residence: Date
      Thank you for that. It has allowed me to see how I can use part with some success. It has shown, however, that I really need to spend some time on SQL. Thanks again. Mark
    • PeterC66
      The Simile timeline is now blank in a WP/TNG integrated site
      Solved it!! Mea culpa. The Chrome console did not show this, but Firefox showed the first error as: A quick Google search led me to the solution... I had a blank line after the <?php ?> in my child functions.php!  Lesson learnt. My live site now works properly eg http://www.hcnhistory.org.uk/blank-for-people/timeline2.php?primaryID=I25813&tree=hcn&chartwidth=) Now I need to put my test site back together properly. Thanks again, Roger.  I doubt if I could have done it so quickly without this conversation. Peter
    • PeterC66
      The Simile timeline is now blank in a WP/TNG integrated site
      Thanks again Roger. I now see yours working OK in Chrome and Edge as well as in FireFox. And the only error on Inspection is Which is the same error mine has. This is now all consistent with mine. Just to summarise, on my test site the Simile timeline: fails to work if I have a Suffusion child theme within any (even a blank) functions.php works fine if I do not have functions.php in my child theme When I have the time I shall investigate further. Peter
    • Chris Lloyd
      Full screen video
      I don't have a similar media player....so no link to share!