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    • TNG User-Site Privacy Policies and Terms of Use
      By Hiraeth · Posted
      I have created a new page on the TNG Wiki where users can share their Privacy Policy page with other TNG users: http://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/Privacy_Policy_and_Terms_of_Use I have started it off with a link to my Privacy Policy page and a link to download the file
    • Template 14 - Can I add an additional column
      By Newfloridian · Posted
      No reason why you can't. I haven't used either of these templates but the place to look and compare would be in the index.php files of the relevant subdiretories (templates/template13/index.php and /templates/template14/index.php). You would obviously have to move (or delete) the 'Other Features' heading to make space, then make a fourth <ul><li> </li><ul> and move the appropriate number of entries to balance up the columns. Alan    
    • Imported gedcom deleted all the previous data
      By theKiwi · Posted
      Your only chance is if your hosting service did a backup between the time you had entered all the data and the time you imported the GEDCOM file. Check with them Roger
    • Imported gedcom deleted all the previous data
      By zanger02 · Posted
      I spent the entire day inputting information. I uploaded a small gedcom today which wiped everyone that was previously entered. Well, the individuals were listed after import but shortly after disappeared. Is there anyway to retrieve that info?
    • Edit admin_people.php page
      By manofmull · Posted
      This is Admin/People. No idea why you want the extra columns here, because you are the only person who can see that page. The extra columns would need to be created by Darrin (software author), or by a clever person who can write a mod