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    • Map with Township defined
      By wkenddad · Posted
      Is there any setting in which I can have the Google maps in TNG display the township outlines? Currently it just places the Pin in the center but does not show the outline
    • Mouse over addition help
      By wkenddad · Posted
      Which module is it included in?
      If I know that I can try to modify my self.
    • Histories how to Add Image
      By Merv · Posted
      The easiest way I find is to right click on the picture and (depending on what browser you are using) there should be an option to copy the image location/url. If you select this option, then the address will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste it in your code. The only thing you need to be careful of is that if you click on a thumbnail picture, then the thumbnail address will be copied and the thumbnail will appear in your blurb or it may appear in poor resolution. If you want the full size pic/or full resolution, then you need to find the full size version to copy the address.    
    • Histories how to Add Image
      By Newark · Posted
      Thank you Merv for that coding. I have just tried your first example above and it has worked a treat. Now, I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question but where did you get the http:// address for the picture from? Please just humour me! Also thank you Ken for the wiki link. I think that I have tried to get my head round this before and I must persevere, I know. I would say that TNG is the best family history software I have ever come across but being very unsure of making drastic changes, I have stuck to the standard template. I am full of admiration for the wonderful pages that others create but I find the help pages sometimes assume a certain level of understanding especially on terminology.
    • Missing detail in templates
      By Merv · Posted
      where exactly in the template module and how are you trying to insert the new photo?